We are studying the Hyphaene collection at the Montgomery Botanical Center in Miami. Between January 22 and January 28 (2017) we are carefully carrying out studies on the four species therein cultivated (H. compressa, H. coriacea, H. petersiana and Hyphaene thebaica). This work is largely supported by Patrick Griffith, Larry Noblick, Jessica Sparks, Joanna Tucker Lima and Claudia Calonje. We have been able to benefit from all facilities at the lab and the living collection. Sampling of the palms includes material for anatomical studies, leaf fragments for DNA analyses and dry leaves for the study of phytolits (project with the Universidad Nacional of Colombia).

The Montgomery Botanical Center (MBC) has one of the finest palm collections in the world. Locating the Hyphaene individuals was easy thanks to the very well curated database of the collection, in which every single individual is georeferenced.

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