Welcome to the site of the Hyphaene Inventory Project!

This is the site of the project Hyphaene, one of the research activities undertaken by the Conservatory and Botanical Garden of Geneva towards the study of African palms. The information here presented aims to expand our current knowledge of the enigmatic genus of the widely known “Doum” palms, Hyphaene (7-8 species), which ranks among the most economically important, yet extremely poorly known African palm genera (Stauffer et al., 2014) (Stauffer et al., 2018). The genus was monographed about 90 years ago, and our project aims to undertake modern taxonomic, morpho-anatomical, phylogenetic, ecological and conservation studies of the group. Our broad initiative on the study of African palm taxa is part of the 50 projects associated to the 2012-2016 African program of the University of Geneva. Current efforts concentrate in West African palm taxa (Stauffer et al., 2017).

We are keen to receive your feed-back on the “Hyphaene World”!. All your photos, field information, etc. are most welcomed. Contact us

This Project is kindly supported by the A. Lombard (2015) Extraordinary Grant, awarded by the Société de Physique et d’Histoire Naturelle de Genève (SPHN)


Didier Roguet and Fred Stauffer  will be soon undertaking a field mission to Senegal (August 26 - September 3) searching for wild populations of Hyphaene thebaica. This mission will be joined by Mr. Camara Abdoul, from the herbarium of the University Cheik Antha Diop (Dakar), local expert on floristics. Here a map with the approximate itinerary of our travel to north-east Senegal. More images on the mission will be soon available by clicking here.




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